Docu-series and Multimedia websites/Campaigns

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Fwontye San Fos Kote - Border without Exclusion (OXFAM, UE) - Haiti

Design, Videos, Photos for Oxfam (UE, OFDA, COOPI)

First e-learning platform about Simulation Exercises (SIMEX), Haiti Indigenous people of the Chaco (UE, Oxfam, ACF, Coopi)

The first TRANSMEDIA PROJECT made in Paraguay: docu-series, interactive exhibition. Finalist at Web-Series Festival FISMED, Colombia (Swiss Embassy in Haiti)

Docu-Series, photo reportage and Website

Haitian Art and Craft (European Program for Culture PEC)

Docu-Series, photo reportage and Website

Zicosur Argentina, Bolivia, Paraguay (European Union)

 Docu-Series, photo reportage and Website (UN, VIS)

Design, Videos, Photos for street children centres Lakay-Lakou, Haiti

Chake Ou (UE, UNDP, Oxfam, Red Cross, Plan)

 Docu-Series, photo reportage and Website

Labor Rights in Paraguay (UE, Coopi)

E-learning Platform on Labor Rights for indigenous peoples (Adobe Flash)